Advanced Planning Strategies


Hartmann & Nihem, PLLC has experience designing and implementing advanced planning strategies facing Michigan individuals, families and business owners.  A well designed revocable trust provides an opportunity for families to protect their wealth for generations. This is possible by creating sub-trusts, additional irrevocable trusts and agreements for the lifetime of the beneficiaries that:

  • Permit your financial advisor to continue to invest the trust assets as you instruct, which can help ensure that trust returns are sufficient to meet your planning objectives.
  • Includes advanced estate tax planning techniques to legally shelter assets from estate taxes.
  • Provides for charities and charitable organizations that are important to you and your legacy.
  • Stretches the distribution of retirement assets, saving tax dollars and providing beneficiaries with additional asset protection.
  • Providing protections for loved ones with special needs and long term care needs.
  • Protecting the family cabin, vacation home, and farm through the use of special trusts.

If you would like to speak with our attorneys about your advanced estate planning needs, contact us today so that together we can develop a plan to protect your estate.

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